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Cream Rose Infused Cash Envelopes

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Add some SPICE & EXTRA cash to your REGULAR or LARGER Rose Infused Cash Envelopes 🔥


You can save money using my cash envelopes whether it is long term or short term. The best part about it is that it is versatile! Pair your rose infused cash envelopes with a wallet or an A6, A7 or Personal binder! This is such a useful and easy way to save money so, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

How to use this item:

Search "Princess Budgets" on YouTube to view how I manage my money using my cash envelopes!

**These are for PERSONAL 6 ring binders only when it comes to hole punching in a6**

If you would like any other hole punching size, then do not hesitate to let me know.

Customize these to your liking! For further customization other than the ones listed, please email me at

These rose petal infused cash envelopes are custom orders only, which means that they will have a slightly SLOWER shipping time !

*Not all envelopes will look EXACTLY alike since these roses are freshly picked but, they will be relatively very similar*

Email me at for further assistance/ further customization.


MINI < A7 < A6


Customize your SET OF 1, 3 and 6 envelopes.

*How you spell it, is how it will be customized*

Don't worry I will double-check with you first IF I find any misspelled errors*.


Return & Refund Policy

I will offer to redo your order or provide a refund if the item was damaged upon shipment but, you must show proof of the damaged item.

If you have a damaged order for envelopes then you have two options:

1. I will redo your order

2. I will offer a partial refund

If you have a damaged order for binders then you have two options:

1. I will offer a partial refund

2. I will offer a discount

3. Binder replacements front or back covers are available for purchase

If you would like to cancel your order before shipment then, a refund would be sent to your bank account within 2-3 business days

Shipping Info

The processing time for my items are 5-10 business days. Most of the time, I ship my items out within a week unless I am going out of town or have a family emergency. Please keep in mind that all of my items are done by myself and are handcrafted. Meaning that not every item will be perfect but, I am a bit of a perfectionist so, I will strive to make every item as perfect as I can.